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Business sector

Three platforms support

Traffic platform

11 online loans over 30000 + activated per day

Traffic platform

The cost of acquiring customers is 20% lower than that of other loans, and the application rate and loan conversion rate are 30% higher than those of other loans in the market. Flexible process and good user experience.

Credit system

Mature whole process business system

Credit system

Mature whole process business system. Stable cloud deployment services. Efficient system operation and maintenance and iterative services.

Risk control system

Multiple score card model screening

Risk control system

Complete risk control solutions, integration of local rich tripartite data, can provide standardization/ Customized risk control service

One stop solution for flow, risk control and post loan whole industry chain to ensure asset appreciation

Overseas office space

Real time shooting of offices in Mexico , Nigeria, India and Indonesia

Since 2019, the company has set up office space in India and Indonesia to recruit local collection and credit audit staff. At present, it has recalled a large number of orders for the company. Recently, we have dispatched personnel to Nigeria to arrange the site personnel, and immediately start the African plate.

Overseas team



Recall order



INX. TECH is a global market with large trading volume, high user activity, team maturity and rapid development of Internet financial platform. The current market layout covers Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico and other markets, and the layout of Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan and other emerging markets, committed to providing more local financial services.

What is the nature of business

How do we make money

The crowd was scattered

Risk diversification

Short term products

It will take effect as soon as possible and grow rapidly

Index compound interest

Annualized income at index level

Fast stop loss

Stronger ability to resist force majeure risk

Cooperation mode

Platform + partner = joint operation mode

“Bigger layout of consumer finance + full license of Finance”

Partnership interests

Regular partner meetings

Partners can regularly know the quarterly financial report of the company

Partners may visit any overseas company on a regular basis

Earnings > share (debt to equity)

Investment direction

The investment is not only in the cash loan part, but also in the installment e-commerce part